Hardware SUMMARY

  • 1 or 2 - 10 foot moisture probe(s) in each drying unit for individual bin moisture measurement.
  • A top and bottom bin NIST calibrated temperature device.
  • Air pressure across the corn to monitor air flow
  • Burner control for custom temperature profiles per hybrid in single pass dryers
  • 2 Pass dryers - Plenum temperatures, pressures, motor currents and bearing temperatures in each dryer
  • Up to 128 drying units in both 2 pass and single pass reversing dryers


  • Complete tracking, recording, and monitoring the entire drying process.
  • Recommends Air Flow Reversal Times.
  • Recommends Heat Off Times
  • Includes programmable cooling time
  • Includes the shelling operation.
  • Any user defined information important to each batch can be entered and filed along with the process variables.  

We invite you to view a system slide show that walks you through a complete seed corn drying process from data entry to final shell out.

Electronic Whiteboard

  • Dryer site status information in on real time display
  • Select the data that is important to you
  • Separate display per dryer
  • Action items Icons and programmable alerts for time and temperature
  • Simple operation to customize. 

Please explore the slide show to

see how the E Board can increase

the efficiency of your operation.

Replacement Seed Corn Monitor Components