Fuji Programming Errors

                FUJI Programs Errors

Incorrect Fuji programming can lead to serious consequences. Here is a list of errors we have seen, consequences, and solutions.

1 - Incorrect display resolution. The DP setting in #2 menu MUST be set to 1 which will cause the Fuji to read 95.6 as example. If your FUJI Model PXR is reading e.g 96 (only two digits ) then lookout as this will translate the Optek output temperature SV and Offset as x10 in value. This means a 2°F offset will read as 20°F and 95°F will read as 950°F.

Set DP = 1 on Param List 2

2 - As additional protection on bogus SV entries the range of SV can be restricted. This setting restricts the maximum value of the Burner Temperature request. Our recommendation is to set on param List #3.

SV-L = 0
SV-H = 120°F        or

SV-L= 0
SV-H = 49°C

A more complete list of Programming is found in our Operation Manual.