Missing Site Data on Program Startup

We have had issues with the site configuration data not loading when starting the Optek Program. Generally this can be the result of the incorrect file structure, incorrect desktop shortcuts, or running the correct program from a incorrect location. In some cases, with multiple operator signs to run our program on a network, missing permissions can prevent loading the current data. Solutions to this phenom depend on the problem. The best approach is to assure the correct files structure and location is being used.

In the ROOT Directory two primary folders viz,

C:/optek5/ODC11fap.exe (e.g. only one current exe file)
        /several *.fil configuration files
        /fildatxx/ subfolder with site xx configuration data
        /Discs or Runtime Install/ Subfolders

C:/DCDAT/fildatxx/subfolder with site xx configuration data
            /sensor files for each active bin,dryer, and sheller (e.g. F161.xx01)
            /ticketxx/subfolder with bin tickets
            /offset/subfolder with fuji offset data

As an example of incorrect structure and consequences would be if the ODC11fap.exe file is on the desktop,  each time the program is run it will up date the fildatxx files in optek5 and dcdat. When it is shut off and restarted the exe file location (desktop) will not have a current fildatxx array of configuration to load and hence loads blanks. 
This same thing occurs when the user signs on and runs without permission to access the correct directories and/or folders with the fildatxx files and sensor data.

Another error is to have multiple executables in the c:/optek5 directory and the shortcut targeting an older and incorrect version of software. This result in running a working program but not the latest version with resulting confusion. The only version in the C:/optek5 directory should be the current file.