Missing Sheller Data in the real time graph

If no moisture graph is occuring in the #1 Tab screen there can be several reasons. They are:

1- The incorrect Sheller ID chosen to display. They are potentially 8 sheller ID #s from F0 thru F7 and the correct installed ID must be selected to display the shelled moisture info in the graph. The selection is made to the far left of the graph. The calibration setting is also determined for the selected ID# and not the other sheller inputs.

2 - Incorrect Aoffset and Again values for the installed sheller ID#. See the manual - the offset is = the empty Present Value Reading and the Gain is = 75 default

3 - Insufficient corn covering the moisture sensor - this is indicated by very low (1200 - 1800) Present Values Reading with corn flowing. Relocating the sensor or adding baffles to cause corn to cover the sensor are the fixes.

4 - Defective or damaged sensor or wiring errors into the panel.  

5 - Lack of communication to the sheller panel will be a cause for no data reporting. This is seen by missing Response Field Data for the Sheller ID#