Graphs Stop Recording

There are multiple reasons the current information ceases or quits displaying. Here are the most common mistakes made by operators:

1 - Failure to enter a valid Season, Month, Year. Each season only lasts 235 days and recording data Stops. For site with multiple seasons in the same year you need a new season and month for each drying session to avoid this problem.

2 - The Date and Time in the Sheller Field (Blue Status) cannot be LESS THAN the length of the process or data will be cut off as if this bin is completed.

3 - The Configuration of the Date Format (MDY or DMY) MUST agree with the Microsoft Date Format or the time standard is confused. 

4 - The file structure of the program folder and/or the data folder is not correct. See another Blog section. 

5 - Obviously if no Network Response Data is received then there is no information to display. This is most likely a hardware issue.  The one software problem than can cause this is a missing serpdrv in the C:/optek5 folder.